Cast Your Net on the Other Side


Devotion:              John 21:5-6

I did not grow up around a lake or the ocean, but so enjoy watching hundreds of fish as they are pulled in, by a huge fishing net.  My mind always goes to this story of old, found in the Bible. It takes place after Jesus was resurrected from the grave.  Several of the disciples earned their living by fishing.  In this passage, Simon Peter made the statement, “I am going fishing.” They all missed Jesus being there in His flesh and blood. The other disciples said, “We will go with you.”  They all went straight to the boat; however, “That night, they caught nothing.”  I can imagine they were saying,  “If Jesus were here, our nets would be full.”

Daybreak came.  It always does.  Jesus was standing on the shore, but the disciples did not recognize Him.  He asked them the question; “Children, do you have any fish?”  Of course they had to answer Him, “No”. He told these seven strong disciples, “Cast your net on the other side.”  As strong as they were, these men, accustomed to fishing, could not pull up the overflowing net of fish.

Have you fished all night and caught no fish? You have been doing this job or using your God given gifts, to accomplish this certain task, for many years and yet not one fish is jumping into your net.  You wonder why it has to be so incredibly hard.  Maybe, Jesus wants you to cast your net on the other side, so the Lord can reveal Himself  to you, in a fresh, new way.  

In  Motion:          

Are you longing for daybreak because the fruitless night has been so long, and it seems you have nothing tangible, to show for all of your hard work?  I want to  encourage you, “Cast your net on the other side.”  It might  be the new job you have been waiting for.  It might be a broken relationship that seemed impossible to mend or a chronic health issue. Daybreak will come. Expect to hear Jesus say, “Cast your net on the other side.”  Do it out of obedience and watch Him fill it to overflowing.


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