Praying God’s Word


Devotion: Hebrews 4:12

When my boys were in middle school, I became a part of an organization called, Moms In Touch International.  Weekly, several moms would gather together for one hour, to pray God’s Word over our children.  There is something very powerful about praying God’s Word over a child, another family member or friend.  We would begin the hour of prayer by praising God for one of His many attributes.  Then we could come into a time of thanksgiving, thanking God for any answers to prayer. Next we would have a silent time of confession, because God’s Word says, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear my prayer.” The latter part of our hour was spent in time of intercession, praying a specific scripture for the child.

When you pray God’s Word over somebody, you pray His will over that person. When you pray His Word, you never have to worry about praying “amiss”.. He is the Word, that is sharper than any two edged sword and pierces to both joint and marrow”; yours as well as the person you are praying over.

If you desire to have a more powerful prayer life; begin to pray His anointed Word over the person or thing you are praying over.  This is not a “Name it and claim it”, exercise.  It is the practice of trusting in, “What thus says the Lord our God.”

In Motion:

Ask the Lord to give you a Scripture to pray over your most prominent prayer request. Then watch with great expectation, to see the hand of God be moved on his or her behalf.


Grace Card


Devotion:  John 1:16

My husband and I recently watched a movie called, “Grace Card”.  A bi-vocational pastor/cop, issued grace cards to his congregation, to be given to a possible offender, by any one of his congregants, at the time they decided to forgive .  The card carrying person was learning to extend the same unmerited grace extended to him or her, by Jesus Himself.  The plot was powerfully effective when the pastor/cop’s partner shot his own son, who was robbing a local store.  The man had lost his youngest son killed by a drunk driver, when he was four years old. The father was full of anger and bitterness toward the whole world and especially the man who had run over his son.

This older son could only survive if a kidney match was found.  You guessed it; the pastor/cop was a perfect match.  These two had never gotten along on their beat. God was teaching this pastor/cop how to forgive and give grace to his unsaved partner.  He actually learned how to give grace, through the trial of having this difficult man assigned as his partner.  The man ended up coming to Christ because of the grace he had been offered.

In the very end, a man came in the church, while the pastor was preaching and the pastor asked, “May I help you?”  He said he was there to ask forgiveness, that he had changed and was not the same person anymore.  He walked right up to the pastor’s partner and his wife and asked them to forgive him for taking the life of their son.  For the first time, since he had been saved, this new Christian, pulled the grace card out of his pocket and embraced the very man, who took his child’s life.

In Motion:

Is there someone to whom, you need to extend a grace card?  Can you forget what lies behind and forgive the unforgivable?  Just remember God extends grace to you, on a daily, moment by moment basis.  “To whom much is given, much is required.”

By His Stripes


Devotion: 1 Peter 2:24

God made a way through His Son Jesus, to heal our sin sick souls.  Every stripe; placed upon His undeserving back, brings restoration and redemption to our undeserving souls.  It is only through the blood of Jesus, we are healed spiritually, emotionally and physically.  My friend Teresa Brown stood on the scripture out of Psalm 119, “I shall not die, but I shall live and declare the mercies of the Lord.”  Doctors had given her a prognosis, with little hope of healing.  But God heard thousands of people praying, on her behalf and healed her of the dreaded cancer.  She has lived to declare the mercies of the Lord!  Praise His Holy Name!

My daughter in law invited me to come to a healing service at her church.  I heard the young Australian pastor declare he had been diagnosed with leukemia, while in his senior year of high school.  “Everyday, He said, “Thank You Lord for healing me.” There were many of his friends, who prayed along with him, even though the doctors had given up on the possibility of his healing. His parents had called in their priest, to administer his last rights. Humanly speaking, he was as good as dead.  But God had another plan.

This young man made a statement, I shall never forget.  “If you belong to Christ, Jesus will either heal you now, later, or for eternity.”   It’s a win, win situation!  I don’t understand how God decides who will be healed for earth and who will be healed for heaven.  All I know for sure, is,” By His stripes, we are healed.”

In Motion:

Maybe you are praying for yourself or someone else who has been given a death sentence.  Maybe that someone is you.  If you belong to Christ, tell Him daily, “Thank you Lord for healing me.”  Praise Him daily, for being Jehovah Rophe, the God who heals you.


Home Away from Home


Devotion: 2 Corinthians 5:6, Ecclesiastes 12:5

Going home means different things to different people. This week, I worked for a man from Jamacai, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He’s made the decision to sell his home in Charlotte and live out his latter days near his family. Home changes meaning for a newly wed man or woman.  My youngest grandson had to be hospitalized on Wednesday evening, for dehydration. The doctors released him to go home last evening. Missionaries who have called a foreign land their home, for many years, retire and come back to their homeland. Soldiers who have fought in long, hard battles, finish their tour of duty to head home. At the end of each day, it is restorative to our tired bodies, to come to the place we call home.

The word home, brings about different connotations for different people.  My former pastor, Dr. Joe Brown, preached a powerful sermon series entitled, “Welcome Home”.  He was referring to our meeting place, the place we gather on a weekly basis; to worship, hear God’s Word preached and fellowship with other believers. For those of us who gathered together at the appointed hour, it always felt like home.

For Christians, this world is not our home.  A former neighbor of mine used to say, I’m homesick for a place I do not yet know.” That’s because she had not yet reached her final eternal home.  God’s Word calls our bodies, our earthly tent.  These outward shells house our spirit, until death do us part.

In Motion:

Reflect on the place you call home.  Is it your haven, until you reach, your final destination of heaven?  This world is our home away from home.  Thank God for your earthly home, as well as your eternal home.


You Are Invited


Devotion:  Matthew 22:1-10

We love to be invited, to weddings, bridal and baby showers, dinner parties and gatherings.  There’s always glorious food and fellowship; as we gather around the feast made for us, by the one hosting the party.  There is one future party; to be hosted by God’s only Begotten Son, that you absolutely don’t want to miss.  It’s called the Wedding Feast!

Most invitations require an R.S.V.P.  You make a choice to attend or not to attend.  In this parable of Christ, those invited to the wedding feast, made light of the king’s invitation.  All things were made ready.  The dinner was prepared, the oxen and fattened cattle were killed.  They were going to have prime rib; and all for free.  Who turns their nose up to such an offer?  Because those invited turned down the invitation; the servants went out and invited everyone they saw, so the place was filled with guests.

One day there will be a wedding feast, hosted by the Lamb of God. All are invited, but sadly, there will be many who will turn up their nose and reject Christ’s invitation. It’s the invitation of a life time and saying yes, brings eternal life in heaven. Saying no brings eternal damnation and a place reserved in hell. Today is the day of salvation.  Have you responded to the invitation?

In Motion:

As Christ’s servant, go out and invite all you see, to come and dine at the table spread for them.  Issue the invitation and at least, give them the opportunity.



The Family Tree


Devotion: Romans 11:17-32

I love getting together with my family!  There is always lots of laughter and fun times involved.  Family was designed by God, not only for pro-creation but for the purpose of doing life together.  A husband and wife are joined together in marriage and most will have children; either biologically or through the adoption process.

Those of us who are Gentiles were adopted or grafted in by God Himself.  The Jews are God’s chosen people.  This passage of God’s Word explains our adoption process.  God uses the metaphor of a wild olive branch being grafted into a cultivated olive tree.  He says this is contrary to nature but then God can do anything, anyway and at any time; to accomplish the greater good of His creation.  It was through the Jews’ rejection of Christ, as the Messiah; God chose to graft Gentiles into His family tree!

Oh, don’t you see dear reader, how precious is this Word, to His created people?  God chose to make a way for us to be part of His family.  We get to do life with our brothers and sisters in Christ on earth, and then; we get to go live eternally with them in heaven, all because, God chose to adopt us into His family!

In Motion

Praise God today from whom all blessings flow!  Praise Him for choosing you, for grafting you into His family tree!




Devotion:  2 Corinthians 5:17

I am a Christian!  A vast amount of Americans believe they are Christians because they were born in America, or their grandparents or parents are Christians. These people use Christ’s name to define themselves, but in all honesty, they do not know Him in a personal way.  They use the name Christian because they are not Jewish or Muslim.  The definition of a Christian means, Christ follower.  It means a relationship with Him, not just a status. We aren’t born Christian.  It’s a choice God offers to us through His Son Jesus.

Then you have those who say they believe in God, but even the demons believe.  These people only call out to God, when they have a need for something, or use His Name as an explicative.  A Christian knows who God is and how to live in response to His Word.  Do we get it right all the time?  No, that’s why He says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  “There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end, brings destruction.”  We still sin, but always find forgiveness through Christ’s blood. He provides redemption for our eternal security; as well as abundant life, while still living on earth.

There is no one in heaven or earth by which men may be saved or kept, except through the name of Jesus Christ.  Bearing the name of Christ; carries with it, a huge responsibility.  He asks us to be holy and set apart unto Him, doing life His way, inviting Him to be part of all that we do and say.

In Motion:

Behold your face in the mirror.  We see in a glass dimly, all of our imperfections, for they are many.  Most importantly, ask yourself; “Do I bear the image of the Christ I proclaim?”