Clean Out, Make Room


Devotion:  Philippians 3:13-14

I desperately need to clean out my garage and my attic.  There are things stored in those areas, that clutter up much needed space.   I must take the time to make room for only the things we actually use and give away or sell the rest.

Likewise;when I hold onto the past hurts and disappointments, they clutter up my mind and heart and take up space that could be used for Christ’s kingdom purposes.  I want to offer these up to God; as a gift and then move on to make room for more of Jesus.  I will be much more productive spiritually, when I free up my mind and heart to follow the will of my Lord.

In Motion:

Clean out all the hurts and disappointments that hold your mind and heart captive.  Make room for all the new things Christ wants to accomplish in and through your life.


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