When Your Prayers Don’t Get Past the Ceiling


Devotion:  Psalm 66:18

Have you ever experienced a time of feeling separated from God? You just can’t seem to connect with His Sweet Holy Spirit.  There is either unconfessed sin or God is being silent on your particular request(s).  This can tempt you to give up all together on your prayer time with God.  We feel our 911 prayers should take precedence over any other prayers the Father may be hearing from other brothers and sisters in Christ.  Sometimes He just wants you to wait patiently because His timing is perfect.

God’s ways are higher than our ways and many times we can’t figure out the mind of Christ.  That’s when He’s calling us to trust Him.  He’s got you.  He wants you to search your heart and see if there be any wicked way in you, then confess and turn from any sin He reveals.  If He does not reveal sin, then tell Him you trust Him and that you will wait on Him.  You trusted Him to save you; now trust Him to finish what He started in you.

In Motion:

Ask the Lord to search your heart, to see if there is any sin that may be prohibiting Him from hearing your prayers.  If not, then  wait upon Him.  The answer will come in due time if you pray and faint not.






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