Unopened Treasures


Devotion:  Isaiah 55:1-9

Kelly MInter told a story in “No Other Gods”, regarding a man who possessed $100,000.00 worth of guitars.  His was selling his massive guitar collection; in order to start collecting pipes; yes, pipes that you smoke!  Anybody besides me find that strange? Here’s an even stranger thing; many of them were unopened, as in never looked at for the first time.  There was one guitar, for which this fellow had paid $6,000.00, still sealed in it’s case.  Who pays that kind of money for a treasure and does not even care enough to check it out before making the purchase?

We do the same thing with all the spiritual treasures God has ordained for us.  We never even open them, much less play them.  I definitely want you and I to discover what we’ve always owned; all our Heavenly Father has to offer.  Most of all, I want us to use all the treasures our Lord has placed right in front of us.

In Motion:

Ask Jesus to show you any unopened treasures right in front of you. Why leave unopened, the instrument Jesus has made available for you to play.


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