God’s Holy Spirit


Devotion:  John 16:5-15

There are many disputes among Christians regarding the work of the Holy Spirit.  This passage very clearly states His purpose.  He convicts the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.  He guides us into all the truth.  He is the third person of the trinity.

God’s Spirit is gentle and yet can come in like a mighty, rushing wind, to the person who is seeking to know God and His will.  He is with us always, both now and forevermore.  He comforts us.  We are sealed by Him for our day of redemption.  When God looks at us; we are marked by His Holy Spirit.  His Spirit is very sensitive and is easily wounded by our sins.  However, He will never leave us nor forsake us and He is all about restoring us to the Father and the Son.

In Motion:

Do not take lightly nor for granted the work of the Holy Spirit.  He is the treasure who dwells in our earthly tents.  Seek to be sensitive to Him.


Bearing His Own Cross


Devotion:  John 19:16-30

Every part of Jesus crucifixion fulfilled prophecies spoken many years before.  He bore his own cross to Golgotha.  The soldiers who crucified Him, wanted parts of His tunic but “decided” to cast lots to see whose it should be.

Jesus spoke to Mary and John, telling Mary to behold her son and John to care for Mary.  He fulfilled the Scripture when He spoke, “I thirst.”  He was given a sponge full of sour wine on a hyssop branch and after He received it, HE said, “It is finished.”

The powerful work He came to do was finished in three short years. Our lives forever changed, because of His.  I pray you and I never get over the work of the cross, accomplished by our Jesus.

In Motion:

This week, as you go about your life, contemplate and celebrate the work of the cross completed for you and me.


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


Devotion:  John 14:1-3

Shawn Hannity quotes this verse almost every night on Fox News.  I am certain that most people do not realize he is quoting the Bible. There are many things that trouble our hearts on a daily basis but God said our hearts should not be troubled because we believe in God His Son Jesus who has gone to prepare a place for us and will come again to receive us to Himself.

While we live and move and have our being on planet earth, Jesus is preparing our eternal home.  While we are still here, He is preparing us for that place.  Why do we worry and fret over anything?  He is working all things together for our good and His glory.

In Motion:

Place your troubles into the nail scarred hands of the One who knew you before the foundation of the earth. He will restore your broken heart.

The Forgiveness Faucet


Devotion:  Psalm 51:1-3

This Psalm pours out of David’s soul, as he begs God to wash him thoroughly from his iniquity.  He longs to be cleansed from his sin. God is so good to turn on the forgiveness faucet; when we sin against Him, so why is it so hard for us to do likewise?  We want to bathe in the pelting grace, God generously pours out on us, but then only allow a few drops, to ooze out of our own stingy hearts.

Why would we withhold what has been given abundantly to us? God turned His faucet of forgiveness wide open and mercy came gushing out upon our parched souls.  “To whom much is given, much is required.”

In Motion:

God’s mercy toward us is never ending; so keep your forgiveness faucet wide open, that others might see Jesus in you.


Let Our Eyes Be Opened


Devotion:  Matthew 20:29-34

You’ve heard it said, “love is blind.”  When you love someone, it’s easy to overlook their faults and shortcomings. Others have been blinded by loyalty and devotion to a company or a boss, only to be cut from the payroll, when they are no longer needed.  Two different kinds of blindness, manifested in different ways.

On this particular day, Jesus had a great crowd following Him as He left Jericho.  There were two blind men sitting by the roadside. They heard Jesus was passing by, and cried out to Him, “Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!”  Jesus asked them, “What do you want Me to do for you?”  “Lord, let our eyes be opened.” Jesus touched their eyes, and immediately they recovered their sight and followed Him.

So there are people who are truly blind, without eyesight and then there are those who choose to be blind, to certain factual information.  Both people are in the dark; one because the eyes literally do not work, and the other is a person who has chosen to cover the eyes of his or her heart, under bushels of insecurities, doubts and disappointments, that refuse to look at the real truth.

In Motion:

This spectrum has a broad range of blindness; from a little to totally  blind.  Ask Jesus to open your spiritual eyes to the truth He has for you.  He wants you to love people unconditionally, but with your eyes wide open.


When Someone Sins Against You


Devotion: Matthew 18:15-20

Someone betrayed your confidence, or said unkind words about you.  It’s difficult to let go of those mean words, swirling around in your head.  We want to play them over and over, like a “somebody done me wrong song.”  It can become detrimental to our health; if we harbor those words, as well as the feelings resulting from them.

God has ordained a way for us to address the one who has offended us.  First you go to him alone and if he will listen to you, all is resolved.  But if he does not listen, you are to take one or two others with you,  If he refuses a third time, you are suppose to take it to the church. How many Christians practice these ways of handling an argument?  Let’s face it; if we adhered to this scripture, there would not be ” fighting and quarrels among us.”

In Motion:

The Bible tells us, “As far as possible, be at peace with all men.”  God also says, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”  Whether at home, work or church; work out your conflicts in a godly fashion.


One Lost Sheep


Devotion:  Matthew 18:10-14

Last night, I was privileged to see a man be birthed into God’s kingdom. My friend Michele had been talking with him for over a year.  Many of our friends had been praying for him to receive Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Our former pastor and friend, Dr. Joe Brown was preaching a revival and Michele invited her friend to come.  He drove a long way just to be there. As God would have it, this man had asked for a sign from God, to prove He existed.  He had been reading God’s Word and Dr. Brown preached from Mark 10:17-22; the passage about the rich young ruler.  This modern day man, had just read these very verses and identified with the rich young ruler.  He told MIchele,”That’s me.”

Here’s another miracle.  Doctor Brown had planned to preach from this passage, the night before, but had brought the wrong set of notes. “Wrong” sermon, preached on the “wrong” night, to a different crowd of people!  However, it was all orchestrated by our Lord.   Oh, my friend, do you see the extent God will go, to rescue one lost sheep?

If we seek Him, He will let us find Him, when we search for Him with all our heart.  The angels in heaven are rejoicing that his name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

In Motion:

Who are you talking to about Jesus? Take the gospel to another lost sheep.  Your Shepherd longs to bring him or her into His fold.