Worry First, Pray Later


Devotion:  Psalm 37:7-8

It is a great temptation as believers in Christ; to worry first and pray later.  We have the false notion that worry is our personal duty, that we have not given proper consideration to that worry, until we have fretted about it for a time.  We do it without thinking, never considering it to be sin.

Another word for worry is fretting.  I know this sounds harsh but God says, “fretting only leads to evil doing.”  It can take your thoughts and your actions; to places you never had to go.  Worry brings about wrong responses in your head and your heart.  It can actually lead to physical manifestations of sickness in your body.  You play the worry tape over and over in your head, until your heart is weighed down with unbelief.  You know God says, “Do not worry” and “Cast your anxieties upon Him”.  You know He will take it from you; but when?  So you decide you will do God a favor, by carrying it around until He resolves the problem.  The length of days you carry this worry around, produces layers upon layers of weight, you were not built to carry.

What’s a Christian to do?

In Motion:

Ask the Lord to bring it to your attention when you need to pray, before you start to worry.  Let prayer become your first response in any situation, so that your worries don’t overwhelm you.


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