Tell Me The Story


Devotion:  Hebrews 11

Every time we are together; my granddaughter Ryann, says, “MiMi, tell me the story of…”  She is referring to the incredibly funny things, that have transpired in her Poppi and MiMi’s life. Here’s her favorite story. I inadvertently spilled some pink nail polish; on my white bathroom floor.  I was running late for church; so I thought, I’ll use nail polish remover when I get back.  Bad choice.  I will forever be looking at that pink stain and Ryann Elizabeth, will never let me forget it!

I can hardly wait to meet Moses, Abraham, Isaac, David and Paul. to name a few. I hope I’ll be able to ask that same type of question to each of them.  “Moses, can you tell me what it was like to be on the mountain with God, as he wrote the ten commandments with His own finger? What about the time you raised your staff; and the waters of the Red Sea parted, right before your very eyes?”  “David; what was it like, when you took that one little stone and Goliath came tumbling down?”  Abraham, did your heart almost stop beating; when you drew back your sword to slay Isaac?” “Paul, what was it like, as you fell before the Lord, after hearing his voice on the Damascus Road?”  These are just a few of the questions, I have ruminating in my head.

God’s people love to hear the stories of Jesus and they love to hear how those stories apply to their lives.  We have eternity to meet the people we have read about, sung about as well as the countless sermons we have heard, regarding our forefathers.  Until that time; we will continue to read, sing songs and listen to sermons that tell the greatest stories ever told.

In Motion:

Are you telling His story? The story of Jesus?


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