Tapping Into His Power


Devotion: Ephesians 3:7

A lady named Sandy Smith made the statement, “We never cry out to God and receive a returned check stamped “Insufficient Grace”.  It is by grace we are saved and it is by grace we are kept.  We have grace for our sinful past, grace for our troubled present and grace for our unknown future.  How can this be?  It’s all because of Christ’s resurrection power, made available to us.

Priscilla Shirer says, “God doesn’t have the power; He is the power! He is the all powerful One and His power is all available to you. It can never be decreased or depleted.”  You believe the message of the cross, that Christ died, was buried and rose again three day later, but have you begun to tap into the resurrection power, He has promised to every believer?

His power is an over the top, now kind of power, available to all that name the Name of Christ.  Through the years, I’ve heard many pastors say, it will be sad to get to heaven and realize you had a room; jam packed with gifts and answers to prayer, left untouched.  I’ve never seen this in the Bible but it is even sadder to think we have His power available to us, right here, right now and we choose to believe Him for a thimble full versus an ocean full, of God sized capacity.

What is holding you back, from tapping into the power, that will carry you all the way through to eternity?  The enemy tries to render you powerless through weariness and exhaustion but no matter what your life’s challenge; His power in you is greater than any problem.  God’s power will see you through to the very end of your life and when you cross over into eternity, you will hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master.”

In Motion: 

Tap into the power of the Risen Lord today!

















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