Goodness of the Lord


Devotion:  Psalm 27:6-14

One of the first prayers children learn to pray; is a blessing for their food.  “God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food.  By His hands we all are fed.  Give us Lord our daily bread. Amen.”  After you’ve said that prayer a few thousand times, it starts to get into the depth of your soul.  This God, to whom you pray; He is good all the time and all the time He is good.

Several years ago, I was praying for a situation and God reminded me of verse 13 in this passage.  “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”  He spoke to my spirit and said, “You will live to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”  I quickly looked up the reference and began to thank the LORD for this promise.  God strengthened my heart, to wait on Him until it came to pass.

Through out God’s Word, we see accounts of His people begging Him not to leave them nor forsake them. There are times we all feel helpless and hopeless but God is good and His promises are yes and amen. The LORD will take care of you dear friend. He’s got you.  He’s got your circumstances. He will show you great and mighty things you know not of.  As you wait upon Him; He will strengthen your heart.

In Motion:

As you wait on the Lord, you get to wait with Him and you can count on the fact He hears you. Walk in HIs courage and His strength.


2 thoughts on “Goodness of the Lord

  1. japster24

    I love the encouraging war cry of Psalm 27 from the author (maybe David or maybe not depending on which scholar you ask). It draws a picture for me of a lone man going to battle and gaining confidence, progressing through the verses speaking them louder and louder. T.D. Jakes has a great sermon about your mind being a battleground and physically shouting out against the enemy of your flesh and mind. Here’s a short clip:

    Thanks for the reminder!

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