The Weird Ones


Devotion: 1 Peter 2:10-12

For Christians, life here on earth is becoming stranger and stranger.  Some versions of this passage call us strangers and aliens.  In the eyes of the word, we are the weird ones.  We talk about our God, as if He is real.  He is!  We pray and believe that He answers prayer.  He does!  We trust that He can do the thing that is totally impossible. He can!  We believe that He will take us to heaven when we die.  He will!  If all those things make us weird; then be weird my friend, be weird.

We are part of the family of God.  We believe in things that are not, as though they are.  Our hope is not in the things that are seen, but the things that are unseen.  Christians forgive quickly.  We respond differently from the unsaved people in our world.  We reason differently.  We watch expecting our Heavenly Father to act on our behalf.  We are strong and courageous as we submit our fears to our Valiant Warrior.  We can trust that He goes before us in every battle.

People ask, “What do you mean, you live by faith?”  We trust God to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond what we could ask or think or imagine.  The majority of the world believes and hopes in themselves, what they can be or do; in and of their own flesh.  We are called to come out and be separate, strangers and aliens, the weird ones.

In Motion:

Look different.  Act different.  Be the person God created you to be.  It really is okay to be weird according to the world’s standards.


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