The Blues


Devotion:  Psalm 141

Many years ago, a lady named Stephanie told the story of her then little girl.  Everytime she would have to punish her daughter; the child would go to her room, close the door and begin to sing about her punishment.  Can’t you hear it now? Sing the following to your favorite blues tune.   “My momma told me to stop, and I did not.  She said that I was being bad and that makes me so sad.  I promise Jesus; if You’ll forgive me, I won’t talk back, anymore.”  I would love to hear the tune in your head right now.

David was always singing the blues to the Lord his God.  He was  a man after God’s own heart and the Psalms’ God breathed lyrics, prove that to be so.  One can always gain much comfort from reading these songs penned by him so long ago.  David knows how to worship the Lord His God and He also knows how to sing the blues regarding his sin, his circumstances, as well as the people in his life.

Every time David sought the Lord, He sung with passion, fervor and urgency.  His life was one filled with lots of drama.  Your situation can never be worse or better than this shepherd boy turned king. He slew giants. He fought and won battles with great victories.  He sang with all of his heart as he petitioned the Lord, whether he was happy or sad.  His blues and his praises are penned for us to apply to our lives today.

In Motion:

If you are joyful, bless the Lord with all of your heart and if you are full of sadness and grief, lift up your voice to the One who is listening.




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