Conversations With God


Devotion:  2 Chronicles 7:14

A conversation is always a two way street, unless you are talking to yourself.  Admit it.  We all do it.  Talk to ourselves.  What do you hear yourself say?  Is it negative self- talk or positive soul  talk; talk that edifies and builds up?  Why not begin to make your conversations with God; instead of yourself?  He is always listening for your voice.  Are you listening for His?

Prayer is a conversation with the One True God.  He is with us always, from the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same.  Jesus is ever interceding for us at the right hand of the Father.  They are conversing about you!  God wants you to converse with Him, about everything.  Some people have the mindset of not troubling God about the “little things”.  No thing is too little or too big for our God to handle.

He will speak to your heart if you will take time to listen.  He promises we will find Him; if we seek Him with all of our heart. He loves to converse with you through the scriptures, through songs, through reading your Bible and prayer.  He will also speak to your heart, as you listen to a sermon.  He will make His presence known to you; when you worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  You can hear Him in the quiet night or in the loudness of the day.  He can gently nudge you with a whisper or get your attention with loudly clanging cymbals.  It matters not the method.  It does matter that you listen and receive the Word implanted; straight from His throne directly to your ears.

In Motion:

Talk to God. Then listen.  He longs to converse with His children.



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