Devotion: Colossians 1:13

When our sons were five and two, my husband was transferred to Myrtle Beach.  We packed up our little family lock, stock and barrel and moved to an apartment in Garden City, SC about a mile off the South Carolina coastline.  We could walk to church and the beach; our two favorite places.

Getting a transfer brings change into our lives.  The transfer may be perceived as good or bad; depending upon the person’s attitude during the readjustment period.  If we continue to brood over the loss of close contact with former friends and family; we probably won’t adjust as readily.  Although everything changes, putting down roots in an area that’s new to you; can bring positive outcome to the whole family.

If you believe God brought about this transfer in His perfect timing and sovereignty, then you will begin to look for the blessings, through the people He brings across your path.  He longs for you to transfer your hopeless estate, over to His ocean full of hope, your lack of faith to His faithfulness, your ashes to His beauty, your bondage to His freedom, your anxiety to His peace and your impatience to His patience.

When we transfer our heart of stone to Him;  He gives us a heart of flesh.  We trade eternity in hell for eternity in heaven.  Now there’s a transfer that makes a huge difference, an eternal difference, all because we believe in our hearts that Jesus died for us, rose again and made a way for us to have life everlasting.

In Motion:

Thank God for your physical transfers as well as your spiritual transfers.


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