Your Stuff, My Stuff


Devotion: Matthew 7:11, Psalm 55:22

We all have stuff.  And lots of it.  We have our physical “stuff”. Then we have our “heart stuff”.  Physical stuff is a lot easier to deal with than the heart stuff.  We tend to stuff our stuff into the hidden closet of our hearts; where no one except God can find it.  We hide it there; hoping to forget about it, but our “stuff” always surfaces at the wrong time.  The ugliness of our stuff; surfaces when we are tired and worn out from the dailyness of life.  It pours out from under the already overly stuffed closets of our heart. Why is it so hard to keep stuffing our stuff?  We forget to purge out the past stuff; in order to make room for the present stuff.

Are you sick of the word stuff by now?  I am.  Heart sick.  I want to rid myself of some physical stuff but more so; I long to rid my world of all the heart stuff.  Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulation, but don’t be afraid because I have overcome the world.”  There will always be ” heart stuff”.  The Lord Jesus waits for you to hand over all of your stuff, but especially your heart stuff.  He came to seek and to save our buried hearts; buried under the load of our cares and burdens.  Did you know you have a burden bearer?  He will carry your heart stuff.  He longs to lighten your load.

In Motion:

See His arms open wide.  Hand it over to Him, right here, right now…all your stuff.


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