Spirit Led Prayer


Devotion:  Romans 8:26,27

Honestly, I lifted my eyes toward heaven and all that would eek out was, “Jesus you are ever interceding for me; at the right hand of the Father. I am out of answers, out of reasons; out of explanations.”  I am a person of many words but this time words would not come.  I did not understand why this child had to die.  She was not even two years old and her body was overtaken with leukemia.  Her parents and family were absolutely grief stricken and desperately praying for a miracle.

Emma Rose laid there in the hospital; with tubes running into and out of her swollen little body.  Several of us were walking around her bed praying for her; when all of a sudden, my former pastor Dr. Joe Brown began to say, “Come back to us Emma.  Please come home.”  Over and over he prayed these pleading words.  Later he shared; God had given him a vision of a young lady with long blonde hair, robed in a sparkly white gown.  Still seeing the vision, he raised his head to look into her eyes and she responded back, “No Joe, you come Home.”.  As the machines were pumping air through her lifeless body, her little spirit had already arrived to her heavenly home.

It gives us great comfort to know the spirit prays for us and through us, when the words won’t come.  He helps us in our weaknesses and makes intercession for us continually.

In Motion:

Is there a matter you have prayed so long and desperately over that you find yourself speechless?  You can be assured your Faithful Intercessor is praying for you and will give you the words to pray; continually and constantly.


2 thoughts on “Spirit Led Prayer

  1. Alisa Blanton

    What a powerful devotion Libby! You are annoited my friend! Thank you for sharing your words each day. They speak volumes to me!

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