Covenant of Peace


Devotion:  Isaiah 54:10

The peace sign can be frequently seen on the sides of buildings, people holding up two fingers or you might hear someone saying “peace” when they depart.  Can peace on earth truly be found?  Peace of mind, peace of heart and soul, deep abiding peace is a rare treasure to be found.

There is upheaval in our world, our nation, our homes and even in our churches.  Why are we such unsatisfied, unhappy people, full of woes and discontent?

Jesus said, “My peace I give to you not as the world gives. His peace is one that surpassess all understanding.  He promised this peace would guard our hearts and minds, even in a world filled with unrest and strife.  Christ alone made peace possible, because He is the Prince of Peace. He also proclaimed; “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see be called the sons of God.”  I do not believe He would have declared peacemakers to be known as the sons of God;if it were not possible, to know a life filled with the peace of God.

HIs majestic presence can fill your soul with glorious peace; a peace that is so foreign to this world.  I compare it to a Holy flooding of our souls with the Spirit of the Living God.  He washes over us so completely; pushing out the enemy of this present darkness.

In Motion:

Take heart.  Our God will give you peace in the midst of any storm you may be facing.


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