God Hears


Devotion:  1 John 5:14-15

Do you ever feel as if your prayers only get as far as the ceiling and then evaporate into thin air?  We have all probably felt that way from time to time.

Do you pray with confidence in your ability to pray or confidence in the God you are praying to?  If we ask anything according to His will, God hears your prayer.  There are times we pray what’s on our heart and then there are times we pray the very heart of God.  Oh how I pray we do the latter more than the former.

I’ve heard people read their prayers and have been deeply moved by God’s Holy Spirit through the words they read but have also been in services where people prayed powerfully; directed by His Holy Spirit.  When the scriptures are being incorporated and woven into someone’s prayers, it can speak conviction and bring repentance to the heart of the one praying; as well as those who are praying in one accord with the one interceding.

The Bible says, “His eyes are searching to and fro, looking for those whose hearts long to be completely His.”  If you are earnestly seeking His face, in order to know His heart; He hears and will answer you in His time and in His way.  We make our petitions and requests before a faithful God, who is fully listening.

God is not deaf nor can He become distracted.   He is able to hear everyone pray at the same time.  He never grows weary of hearing your voice.

In Motion:

Pray and believe that God has heard your prayer and will answer in His timing.


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