Presents to Presence


Devotion: Psalm 16:11

Beautifully wrapped presents, laid under the well lit Christmas tree.  The room itself seemed to emit anticipation of its Christmas future.  Silent Night, Holy Night, played softly in the back ground.  I heard the words, “All is come, all is bright.” Suddenly the thought, “Jesus came unto His own but His own received Him not;” washed over me like Niagra Falls. Over the loudness of my conviction, I heard the Holy Spirit speak, “I am the light of the world.”  Oh my, I had been so busy with my own Christmas agenda; my focus had become so skewed with buying and wrapping presents, I hadn’t given much thought to His presence.

He gives His presence; so that we can give others the powerful, present gospel.  The gift of Christ’s presence was enough for people past; is radically relevant for people present, and will hold forever true, for the people yet to be created.

There is no better present to give to all the people on your Christmas list. God’s only begotten Son is the presence that keeps on giving forever.  He will outgive and outlast the biggest, most expensive present, one could ever purchase.

My youngest son gave me the idea of giving an experience to my grandchildren.  I plan to make up some redeemable coupons to take them to a movie or go for a day at the park; anything that would make a memory.  Isn’t that an awesome idea?  You could do that for your friends as well.  That’s the gift of your presence in their lives. Most people would rather enjoy the gift of your presence, rather than expensive presents.  Most importantly, all the human race desperately needs the presence of Jesus in their hearts.

In Motion:

Because of the presence of Christ in your life; you can give God’s only begotten Son, your life’s greatest present.


2 thoughts on “Presents to Presence

  1. presence > presents. That is such a huge statement for anyone but especially men. Your family wants your most valuable commodity, your time. It’s interesting how when I play with the kids, they rarely ever use a toy item. Rather they make believe and use their imagination. No one is born into consumerism, that monster is created by previous generations. But all that can be wrapped into the two words you stated: presence > presents. Thanks for sharing!

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