Things to Ponder


Devotion:  Luke 2:19

Ponder means to reflect on and consider deeply.  All of us ponder the things we have seen and heard, from our past and present.  We even ponder what our future will be like. Some of us tend to ruminate situations and circumstances, over and over in our minds; until we are left with little more than a spinning emotional roller coaster.

Mary pondered everything; from the time Gabriel appeared, telling her, she was the one to bear the Christ child, until even after Jesus was born.  I think it was hard for this young Jewish girl to imagine she was carrying the Son of the Most High God.  I know she wondered why God would choose her, just an ordinary young Jewish girl.

As her tummy began to protrude, she must have marveled at this God-Man/ child conceived by the Holy Spirit. You wonder how her family perceived her and if they believed her report.  We have no way of knowing all these things but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, she was chosen and ordained to be the earthly mother of our Savior.

Mary must have been steeped in the Scriptures and Jewish traditions; so you know she sang songs to her beautiful baby boy.  Jesus was fully God and fully man so we know He was the perfect child.  One must ponder how it was for His earthly brothers and sisters. As children, did they know He was the Son of God and that they could never measure up to His perfection?

In Motion:

Ponder today on this Jesus you have invited into your heart.



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