Devotion: Luke 2:12

Immediately after a mom is handed her freshly delivered and washed baby; doctors allow the mom and baby; skin to skin time, so that the child and mom might bond. After the baby is weighed, measured, pricked and thoroughly checked out, nurses place the little darling back into his mother’s arms.  What’s the first thing she does?  She unwraps the swaddled child; to check out his arms, hands, legs, finger and toes.

We celebrated Christmas yesterday.  We gave and we got. People gasped in surprise; while others sighed in disappointment.  Miles and miles of knee deep wrappings; were spread across living room floors, all over this land, leaving behind a few needs, but mostly wants and desires.

Can you imagine Mary unwrapping her blanketed Child; looking into the baby face of God?  As she checked out this Holy One, did she bow in worship, alongside the shepherds, the kings and the wisemen?  Did the zeal for her Lord; consume her, as she gazed upon His face? Moms all over our modern day world, must wonder at the birth of the Christ Child?

Jesus was the world’s greatest gift to have ever been given.  He was fully God and fully man.  He came of His own accord, into a world that did not know Him, who treated Him horrifically and yet He came anyway.  He was never wrapped up nor entrapped by the things of this world, and yet He gave His life in exchange for ours.  Oh how He loves you and me.

In Motion:

Unwrap and share with the world; the countless blessings you have received, from the Lord your God.



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