The Unclaimed Gift


Devotion: Romans 8:26-27

Growing up; I remember every year after Christmas, there was always an unclaimed gift under the tree.  Nicely wrapped, ready for the designated owner to receive, it would sit under the tree waiting to be picked up.  Someone had taken the time to purchase it; and  paid a price for it, with the benefactor in mind.

There is an unclaimed gift that many believers fail to open and even then, it is opened as a last resort.  When no plan, preparation or scheme of our own seems to work;  it is then that we open the gift of prayer.  This precious gift is how we began our relationship with Christ.  We humbled ourselves and prayed and turned from our wicked ways and invited Him to come into our hearts.  It always amazes me that the God of the universe invites us to have daily, intimate fellowship with Him.

Prayers to our Lord should always begin with praise, for God inhabits the praises of His people.  When we give Him all the honor, glory and blessing and focus on HIs character, He is exalted on high.  Your focus is clearly on the One you are praying to, more than your needs, your wants, your desires.

Next we confess our sins to Him, so that He will hear our prayer and we will receive forgiveness of all our sins.  Repentance prepares us for intercession.  Its not a performance, nor is it about condemnation, but it brings sweet freedom to our sin laden hearts.

Once you have confessed your sin, thanksgiving for answers to your prayers; flows freely from your cleansed heart, mind and lips.  It brings our Lord great pleasure before His throne.

We have prepared ourselves to go into the presence of God. We have the hearing of God and now it pleases God, for us to enter into intercession with Him.  Luke 18:1 tells us to pray at all times and not to lose heart.  It’s a high and holy privilege to intercede between God and man, to pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord and lift up your hands toward Him, for the life of another person.

In Motion:

Please open this gift of prayer on a daily basis.  You are the benefactor of this priceless gift.  Every good and perfect gift is from above and this one is available twenty four – seven.


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