First Words


Devotion:  John 1:35-39

My children and grandchildren either said, mama or dada as their first words.  It’s so sweet to hear them babble but when they begin to form words, the parents and grandparents are elated with joy.

The first words John heard from Jesus were “Come and see.” So John came and heard and saw.  He watched Jesus thousands of times and was an eyewitness to all that Jesus said and did.  This beloved disciple could have filled libraries with the things he heard and saw in Jesus.

First words are important and Jesus’ first words to John made a BIG impression.  He would be the one who prepared the way in the wilderness, for those who would follow Jesus. John was the closest to the Lord of all His disciples.  John described Jesus as the Word of life.  One of Jesus names was The Word.  Thoughts remain invisible and inaudible until they are clothed in words.

The Word made flesh revealed the great thoughts and feelings of God regarding our sin, our salvation and how we are to live and move and have our being.  Christ spoke words that healed, brought back the dead to life and most of all brought eternal life to the living.  He told Lazarus, to “Come forth.”  He had to speak his name or all the dead in Christ would have been instantly resurrected from their sleeping graves.

There is power in words.  They can heal or wound.  They can bring comfort or great sorrow to the one listening.

In Motion:

Bring words of life and hope to all those God puts in your path today.



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