Devotion: 1 John 1:3b

Christians speak of fellowship or body life.  Fellowship implies a relationship of people who have the same interests or feelings. In this particular scripture; John proclaimed the Word of Life; so that all believers would realize they have fellowship with Jesus Christ and fellow believers.  For believers in Christ, it is the mutual life and love of those who are one in spirit.

Christ followers are regenerated into everlasting fellowship with their Lord and Savior.  The fellowship with Christ overflows into fellowship with one another.  True fellowship revolves around praying for and with other believers, as well as studying God’s Word together.  When you have studied God’s Word together for any length of time; you develop a deep intimacy with those people.  There becomes a level of trust, where you can ask questions without judgement, and become more deeply rooted and grounded in God’s Word.

Life lessons are learned and applied to everyday circumstances as we share with one another the things God is teaching us.  We use our spiritual gifts to build each other up in our most holy faith and help to meet existing needs.  It’s how the body of Christ works most fluently.  It also shows the world how we love one another because He first loved us.

Word gets out when true fellowship happens.  The testimony of Christ is exalted as non-believers watch believers minister to one another.  It makes a powerful impact for the witness of the church.  Is your church displaying true fellowship to the people watching?

In Motion:  

Open your heart and your home and invite people in to experience fellowship with one another.




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