One Starry Night


Devotion:  Genesis 22:15-18

In 1999 my husband and I were privileged to travel out west with our good friends, Dr. Joe Brown and his wife Teresa.  One night we stayed near the Yellowstone Lake. There are no outside electric lights in this area.  We walked down to the Lake and looked up, to behold a breathtaking, God producing, light show. It seemed we could have reached out to touch the thousands of shooting stars, reflecting on this body of water. I felt like Abraham when he looked up and God said, “I will multiply your offspring as the stars of heaven and the sand on the seashore.”   God tells us in His Word, that He knows each one by name.  We who live near cities are not privileged to behold such night time beauty.  This beautiful sight is forever etched in my memory.

The Lord our God, created the stars and the moon to light the way.  He created the star in the east, for the shepherds and wise men to find the Christ Child.  Each star was created with a purpose and a plan.  God reminds us, “Not one of them is missing.”  If stars were created with a purpose and a plan, how much more did God create you my friend, with a purpose and a plan?

He is watching over you to accomplish His great purpose and plan.

In Motion:

Go out tonight and look up to the stars and see if you can count them.  Just like the hairs of your head, our God has them all numbered.




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