Expect the Unexpected


Devotion:  Luke 12:40

2015 is fresh and new and pregnant with expectations, for me; grandbabies and otherwise. Both my daughter in laws are expecting new babies this year.  We are so excited to be adding to the Williams family!  My husband and I now have three precious grandchildren and by July that number will become five.

Babies are born within nine months of their conception.  Their precious bodies are formed inside their mother’s wombs.  God calls each of them, “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  Our children are making plans to make room for their new additions. Both families will be adding one more bed, one more dresser, one more car seat to their growing family.  They are pre-planning for the needs of each baby.

My children do not yet know the sex of their babies.   Although both my daughter in laws are great planners and are always preparing for the future of their families; still there will be days the unexpected will happen.  Some little person will be sick or fall down and rip their pants.  There are lots of unknowns and no way to escape the “unexpected”.

With the help of God and each other, each unexpected event, will bring learning and training for the parents and the children. We live in a fallen world, but one where Jesus gives new grace for every single accident or mistake.  He is the perfect parent and will teach us on a daily basis. As parents there is great hope for the future of our children and grandchildren based upon the promises of God for the generations to come.

In Motion:

Pray for your children and grandchildren; as they face the unexpected.


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