Information or Transformation


Devotion:  2 Timothy 3:16-17

In order to teach God’s Word accurately, a teacher must read his or her Bible, to gain the correct information.  However, this is not the main reason one reads this amazing love letter.  We are to handle accurately, this divinely inspired Book, in order to rightly divide it’s great truths.

The hearer of the Word is to search out the truth of what any teacher speaks; not because one does not trust the teacher; but because God’s Holy Spirit will either solidify or refute what has been heard.  He expects us to diligently search the greatest Book ever written, so that our lives will be continually transformed, to bring honor and glory to It’s Author.

Many lives were given; in order that we might have a written copy of the Only  Road Map that leads to heaven.  Broad is the path to destruction and many people choose the easy way the world offers to them.  Narrow is the path that leads to life, and few there are who find it.

There are those who take verses from the Bible out of context, in order to make it line up with their own selfish will.  They love to hear the prosperity gospel because it is a “feel good” message. It declares God wants everybody to be healthy and wealthy but where does that leave the poor and needy person, who has just lost everything?  It leaves them wondering what sin they have committed against God or at the least, where is their place of service on God’s kingdom agenda.

In Motion:

Make sure you read God’s Word in it’s whole context and please pray and handle accurately the Greatest Story ever told.


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