Good Enough


Devotion: Psalm 39:4

Most of the population settles for being good enough or possibly a little better than just good enough.  Few people strive to be the best they can be.  The Lord wants us to be our best at all times.  Why?  Because we are to give of our best to our Master.  We should do everything as unto the Lord.  He is right in the middle of the mundane, as well as all the critical moments of our lives.

Doing your work half heartedly isn’t a very good witness to those people who know you claim the name of Christ.  Do your work as if Christ were standing right beside you.  He is.  Speak to your co-laborers in a respectful way, as if Christ were listening.  He is. Treat everyone in your sphere of influence the same way you want to be treated.  You will be amazed at how one small act of kindness toward someone; can change the whole atmosphere in a work place, the home and even in the church.

How do you think your family members or co-laborers would rate you at this very moment? Are you always honest and fair, treating everyone the same?  When you must confront an issue, do you speak with tactful words and a proper tone of voice? Please do not settle for being just good enough but strive to do all things to the best of your ability and always through the power and strength of the Lord Jesus.

In Motion:

Go out today and do your most dreaded task, to the best of your ability.


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