False Pretense


Devotion:  Matthew 23:13-15

Christians and non Christians alike, want people to think well of them.  It is not uncommon for human beings to embellish the truth, when sharing their accomplishments.  When we first introduce ourselves, we aren’t going to say, “Hi my name’s Libby and my heart is desperately wicked, deceitful above all else.” Even though it’s true, that statement would not be your ordinary introduction.

God’s Word says, “Many will say to me on that Day, Lord, Lord and He will look at them and say, “Depart from Me, you who works iniquity.”  For me, it’s the saddest scripture in the whole Bible.  To think that many have gone  to church Sunday after Sunday, believing they are saved; but failed to have a personal relationship with Jesus, will be eternally grievous, to those who were deceived.

The Pharisees believed themselves to be above all the rest.  Truly, they lived under false pretense.  The term means “false representations concerning past or present facts or events for the purpose of defrauding another.”  I am not certain the Pharisees saw themselves as false representatives, because they had deceived themselves, refusing to believe Messiah had truly come.  Jesus called them “hypocrites who make their converts  twice as much children of hell as themselves.” Those are pretty harsh words for these “false representatives” to hear.

I think of the false prophets who roamed my state supported university.  They were so soft spoken, appearing to be full of love and acceptance but not once did they ever name the Name of Jesus Christ. Wearing robes and a single braid in their hair, they were sharing their false enlightenment and bidding all who would listen to come and learn more.

I wonder how many were ensnared by these false representatives?  If you did not know the Truth, it would be easy to bite right into their  poison apple.

In Motion:

Teach your children and grandchildren to beware of false representatives.  Pray daily that “No weapon formed against them shall prosper.”





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