Exit Signs


Devotion: Exodus 13:17-22

Usually surrounded by glowing red lights; exit signs point to the way out.  For the mommy, with her newborn tightly tucked in her arms, it means they are going home from the hospital.  For the person driving out of a parking garage, it directs him to the freeway.  For the winning team, the exit sign leads them out to hear their victory chanting fans and pure happiness in the locker room. These signs were also designed to show the way out to safety, if a building is on fire, or there is danger lurking within it’s walls.

For those who are ready to leave their current location, exit signs indicate a way out. Their mission or task has been accomplished and now they can move on to their next station in life.

God made exit signs for the Israelites as they were leaving Egypt.  He gave them a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, to get them safely out of enemy territory.  God always uses light to lead His people safely to the other side.

He wants you and me to heed the exit signs; He has provided for us.  Signs of the times are everywhere.  Lift up your heads because our redemption is now closer than ever before.   There are other ways we can try to exit off the chosen path, but God wants us to leave in His time and at His direction.

In Motion:

Pay attention to the exit signs in Gods Word.  If He says leave, you had better leave as quickly and quietly as possible.


2 thoughts on “Exit Signs

    • Brenda, I pray you are doing well and that Bob is improving on a daily basis. I remember waking up after my herniated disk was repaired. I was crying and the nurse said oh honey are you hurting. I said, “No, I’m crying because I’m not hurting anymore.” I love you and pray that all is well with you guys. Let me know how to continue to pray for you.

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