Best News Ever


Devotion:  1 John 2:1-5

This scripture is the best news ever for any believer in Christ! Romans 3:23 states that all men are sinners.  1 John 1:9  is a conditional promise for all who confess their sins to Jesus. When we confess our sins, Jesus is a faithful and just God, who always brings immediate forgiveness to those who are truly repentant. John continues to speak about our Advocate; who is Jesus Christ the righteous. Our Advocate takes up for us continually, no matter how many times we commit a sin against Him.  It is against Him; anytime we disregard and disobey His Words.

In verse two of 1 John 2, we read that Christ became the propitiation for the sins of the whole world.  Propitiation means an atoning sacrifice. He did that for all of those who confess they have sinned against Him and need a Savior.  Jesus took our place when we missed the mark.  He reconciled us to God so that we are forgiven and we get to have eternal life.  Let that sink into the marrow of your bones. I cannot begin to comprehend this kind of utter and complete forgiveness nor does my finite brain understand the concept of eternity.  I do however believe and accept these promises by faith in the One, who gave them to me.

In Motion:

Oh God how I pray the person reading this devotional will share this “best news ever.”  I pray he or she will live like they know their Advocate personally.



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