The Blind Leading the Blind


Devotion: Matthew 15:14-20

As a youth; there were times I would want to go somewhere with my friends. Many times my mom, full of wisdom and discernment, considered the outing unsafe or questionable.  She would say Libby, It would be like the blind leading the blind.” When I was younger, I did not know that this “saying” came straight out of God’s Word.  She was right, I barely knew the person who invited me, to go to a particular party and they barely knew the person who was hosting the party.

If a person does not know all the facts or which way to go, one who follows him, will also fall into the same pit. That could be said of a teenager using alcohol, drugs or tobacco, because their friends are doing it.  It could be the gambling of precious hard money because your friend has convinced you of great possibility to double or triple your money.  It could be any “just this one time”, kind of thing, leading into a life-long destructive habit.

God wants us to have our spiritual eyes wide open at all times. He longs to lead the way and will never lead us down a wrong path.  1 Peter 3:12 promises His eyes are on us.  He is watching over His Word to perform it in our lives.  He will hedge us in; when we are about to fall headlong into a deep, dark pit.

I never enjoyed being blindfolded, groping to find the back side of a paper donkey.  I cannot imagine eternal hell, forever enveloped by total, pitch black darkness, not one ray of light to be seen.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, I pray we will not be led; or lead anyone to fall into a pit. Open our eyes that we might lead and follow the Light of the World.



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