People Pleaser


Devotion: John 12:42-43

I think women more than men have trouble wanting to please people.  I need to go to people pleasing therapy. Most days; my peace-keeper self, kicks into overdrive and as the adrenaline courses through my veins, I wonder why I cannot say; NO?  Is it my need for approval?  Do I need the validation of people more than validation from God?  My head knows it isn’t healthy, but most of the time, my heart overrides my head knowledge.  I love people but do I love them more than the One who created them?  Are you a people pleaser addict?

Is it insecurity or feeling insignificant?  Do we allow our people to take center stage in making us feel worthy?  My friend Lisa Whittle declares it gets in the way of wanting God.  She also makes the statement, “God didn’t create people to become other people’s gods.”  Do not misunderstand me.  We need people. We need God-given family and friends, but we must not place them before the Lord our God. We must not covet another human’s glory more than the glory of our Lord.  It creates distance between us and our ability to hear the voice of our Savior and oh how I long for us to be available to hear His voice.

Prayer In Motion:

Oh God may we die to ourselves and forsake the god of popularity. Help us not think of ourselves too much; so that we can be fervently and effectively used for Your Kingdom purposes.  May we never water down the truth so that people will like us.


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