God At Home


Devotion: Psalm 51:10-13

Do you make God feel at home in your heart?  If you invited a guest to your house; would you walk around totally ignoring him or maybe glancing in his direction with an occasional nod?  You never offer food nor drink and you make Him stay in one location, never allowing him to enter any other rooms in your home.

I want people to feel relaxed and at ease; when they are visiting, but honestly there are rooms, closets and drawers I would rather they not go into, because they are too messy.  It’s embarrassing to reveal the hidden things.  The doors are closed and no one is to open them.

God will not come where He is not welcomed.  He will not come into an uninvited heart.  For the child of God; He will not invade the rooms in your heart where He is disallowed.  You may as well have posted a keep out sign .  There are things in those rooms, you do not want Him to see and you definitely do not want your junk to be revealed.  It’s too painful to admit, even to the Lord.

If you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, He becomes your Savior and your Master.  He owns you and you should make Him welcomed to create in you a “clean heart.”  He longs to help you get rid of the junk and the mess that is clogging your heart relationship with Him.

Prayer In Motion:

Lord, search our hearts today and see if there be any wicked way in us.  May we take down the keep out sign and welcome you to help us alleviate the mess we have made.  May our home become Your home and may we give You access to every room.




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