Sounds of Home


Devotion: 1 Samuel 3:10

As I cleaned a customer’s home, I heard the hallway clock chime.  Even if I were blind, I would know I was at Jennifer’s house.  It’s the sound her clock makes and I realized it not only allows one to know the time of day; the sound is specific to her home.

Sometimes our ears get so accustomed to the sounds of home, albeit children’s voices, husband or wife’s voice, or dogs barking; that we can easily tune them out.  These sounds are pertinent to our home, where we live and move and have our being.

Sounds of home, can bring comfort to our weary bodies, respite to a harried mind and peace to a troubled soul; however we must choose to engage our ears, in order to hear them.  Don’t zone out the minute you walk in the door.  Actively listen.

Do the sounds of your home bring joy and refreshment to those who enter there or does it bring dread and a sense of being overwhelmed.  Dear reader, How I pray it is the former and not the latter.  Even the memory of the sounds of home should be pleasant for the mind, heart and spirit.

The Lord longs for you to listen for the sound of His voice.  In the quiet of the night, or stillness in the wee hours of the morning. Do you know His voice?  Do you listen for Him?  Do you ever say, “Speak Lord for you servant is listening?”

Prayer In Motion:

Lord, I pray that I will recognize and love the sounds of home.  I pray that You will equip me to hear those sounds that bring joy and delight to my soul.  Most of all, may I hear the voice of my Savior.





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