Tracking with God


Devotions: 1 Corinthians 2:16

My son and I were having a conversation via texting.  He jumped conversation tracks with me and switched to another topic.  He told me to keep tracking with him; when actually, it was him who changed the topic.  It was funny to this mom because I’m usually the one to  commit this conversation faux paux.

How many times do we do the same thing to God? We are earnestly praying to Him and the phone rings.  We are having a conversation with Him and another lesser thought comes zooming into our head and stops the prayer immediately.  We just dropped our conversational prayer; right smack dab in the middle of our conversation, to our Creator and Redeemer?  It’s so rude of me but I am guilty more times than not, of this great offense to my Lord and my God.

This scripture proclaims that we have the mind of Christ.  He has given us His mind but do we choose to keep tracking with Him and focus our minds and hearts on Him, versus all the distractions yelling for our attention?

I was in a grocery store and a little boy; probably around 18 months old, started screaming to the top of his lungs because he wanted out of the buggy.  I couldn’t even think, he was protesting so loudly.  His mom seemed to be following me.  She finally took him out of the buggy and then he laid flat down on the floor, as she walked away. She yelled at him and the screaming started again.  She picked him up and he finally stopped the yelling. It was a very unpleasant experience for the mom, as well as the surrounding customers.

It’s hard, but not impossible, to keep tracking with God; when the pain of life is loudly vying for your undivided attention.

Prayer In Motion:

Speak Lord; stir in our heart Oh Holy Spirit, so that we will hear You, over all the noise vying for our attention.  May we track with You, when You are talking to us.  May we be able to overcome the screaming and temper tantrums being thrown around us.



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