Designed By God


Devotion: Jeremiah 18:1-4

Fashion is important to women all over the world.  The type of dress is different, according to the country she is born into. Colors and styles accentuate or dull a woman’s appearance but God declares each one; fearfully and wonderfully designed, for His good pleasure.  We come in all shapes and sizes with different heights, body types and coloring.

God tells us the story of a man named Jeremiah who went down to a potter’s house.  There he observed many raw materials; clay, water, vessels drying, vessels to be fired, as well as finished vessels, all in different shapes and sizes, waiting to be touched by their potter, each one a special treasure to him.

Each piece of pottery is handled according to its progress.  The potter’s house is a place of intimacy, a place between the clay and the potter.  He gives each piece his total undivided attention because the finished product will fulfill its purpose.  Some pieces have to be restored; some must be refined and some have to be totally remade.

God is your Potter, your Designer and you are His clay.  No one else can touch you the way He can.  If you will submit yourself to the One who created you in His image; He will make you into a beautiful treasure.  He is always changing, restoring and refining each of us, in order that we might be fulfill our greatest possible potential.

Some of us are spotted, streaked, smooth or rough but rather than ask the Potter why did You make me this way; go out and be the vessel He created you to be.

Prayer In Motion:

Jesus please help women of all shapes and sizes to accept how You created them and determine to fulfill the purpose for which You created them.




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