Clear As Glass


Devotion: 1 Corinthians 13:12

Many years ago, Windex televised a commercial, showing a woman cleaning a large window.  Two crows were sitting on a nearby telephone line and ended up flying into the window because it was so incredibly clean.

Recently, as I was cleaning the basement in a customer’s home, I kept hearing a thud. I looked up to see a small flock of birds hitting the basement windows.  The collision was very brief but it happened several times during the couple of hours I worked in the lower level.  Surely, it was not the same small flock of birds, because one would think these fowls would have learned their lesson. This glass is not moving.

If a human ran into a hard glass door, and turned around and did it again, either his memory or his eyesight is failing.  There are times our spiritual vision is skewed by the blinders we intentionally place over our eyes.  We do not want to see or acknowledge the mirror God is holding up in front of us.  Thus we see in a glass dimly.  God holds up the mirror of His Word. Will we reflect Him to a lost and dying world?

Because we live in this fallen world, we are going to misunderstand as well as be misunderstood. We will  be deceived and deceive ourselves as well, numerous times before we go to heaven.  We will see perfectly clear when we get to heaven but until then, we will see dimly.

Prayer In Motion:

Pray for Christian brothers and sisters all over the world, to mirror Christ and His Word to the lost and perishing


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