Jealous God


Devotion: Exodus 20:5-6

Jealousy. Over time, it has employed private investigators, lawyers and divorce attorneys. It begins in the mind and invades the heart so quickly, that rage can ensue within minutes of the provocation. People can be jealous of another person’s time, because they selfishly do not want to share, or they can desperately want what another person possesses.

I understand jealousy to be a very bad thing; so the first time I read that our God is a jealous God, it was a bit disconcerting.  As I researched Webster’s definition of jealousy, the second definition was zealously vigilant.  Our God is filled with zeal for us and vigilantly notices any problems or signs of danger that threaten to interfere with our Christian walk. He wants us to be set apart for Himself, for His divine pleasure, that we may honor and glorify Him alone.  That totally erased any negative thoughts about God being a jealous God.  He is jealous for you and for me to spend time with Him, to seek His face and to know His heart.

God’s thoughts of us are as the grains of the sand.  Of course He is jealous for those who were created to worship Him.  We are sealed with His Holy Spirit until the day of our redemption. He is our Bridegroom and we are His Bride.  Our finite minds cannot begin to grasp the height and the depth of His great love for us.  I am thankful to know that you and I serve a God who is jealous for us.

Prayer In Motion:

Lord, thank you for being zealously vigilant over me.  May I ponder this thought as I go throughout this day.  There is nothing that escapes Your eyes.




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