One World Leader


Devotion: 1 John 2:18

My friend Carolyn told me she heard a newscaster discussing the horrific Isis issue. The leaders of our nation do not seem to be taking this extreme persecution very seriously.  Out of this newscasters’ mouth, poured the words, “What our world needs, is one strong world leader.”  It still sends chills up my spine.  Any of you who have studied prophecy; know there will be an Anti-Christ, who will rule and reign in the latter days of our world.  I am certain the newscaster had no idea; he was speaking prophecy.

We have to continue doing our work, our ministries, living our lives and yet preparing ourselves and those in our sphere of influence, to be ready for the return of Christ.  No man knows the hour, but it could be any day.  All the prophecies have been fulfilled.  We need to be on the alert as Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.  As our world becomes more and more evil, we must watch and pray, as our Redemption draws nigh.

We are not to live our lives in fear, but hold our heads high, looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith and hope. Although Christ’s return is imminent, we must follow His bidding on a daily basis, fulfill His desire for our lives, individually as well as a body of believers.  He is for us and will strengthen us until the end. John tells us there are already many Anti-Christs, and who knows if the one who will rule and reign in the latter days; has yet been born?

Our eyes must be fixed on Jesus, more and more, until He comes for us.  Our desire should be to please the One who created us, for such a time as this.  He will keep us in perfect peace until the day He comes for us. Soon we will see Satan cast down into outer darkness forever, never to persecute or torment the Bride of Christ again!  Hallelujah!

Prayer In Motion:

Lord, may we not fear the Anti-Christ but focus on Christ  Himself, the hope of glory!  In Jesus Powerful Name, Amen.




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