God’s Blessing


Devotion: Matthew 5:3-11

Many are the people in Christendom, who believe that God’s blessing and favor, is only for the healthy, the wealthy and the academically gifted.  These are tangible  manifestations; but if we accept that philosophy; then we are saying; God only blesses the physically fit, the rich and the intelligent.

I believe God’s blessing is for all His children; the disabled and the strong, the rich and the poor, the gifted as well as those of average intelligence, including the academically challenged. God makes no mistakes; nor does He withhold blessing from those whose hearts are completely His.

Lisa Whittle in her book “I Want God”, reminds us of the prayer of Jabez, “Oh that You would bless me and bless me indeed.”  Does praying that prayer, work like rubbing a genie’s lamp, and God will grant you all of your requests?    He knows the paths we will take, and loves us anyway.  He is mindful that we are but flesh.

God is love. God is good. God is righteous and He alone knows what is best for us.   We desire what our eyes behold others enjoying, which can lead to coveting.  I’ve heard people say, “Look how the Lord has blessed me,”  when that blessing includes a car payment, a larger mortgage or a greater  debt load.  I am not saying those things are innately wrong; I’m just saying don’t equate the Lord’s blessing; to “bigger and better.”

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, You are a God of blessing but may I reject the idea that Your blessing is only ascribed to those who are healthy, wealthy and intelligent.  May I want You, more than Your blessing.




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