Devotion:  Matthew 5:11-12

Blessed!   Can one whose heart has been torn to shreds by insulting words; call themselves blessed? Here is how Webster defines revile:  “to speak to someone in a very critical or insulting way.”  By his definition; to be reviled, looks more like a curse than a blessing.  Our Lord calls us blessed; when we are unjustly reviled and persecuted for Christ’s sake.

This is God’s Word to us; His people, that are called by His Name.  If we fully belong to Him and believe every word He uttered to be truth; then it becomes a choice to consider ourselves blessed, every time we are insulted for the cause of Christ.

We must choose to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. When the insults are ruminating in our  minds and heart, we lose the joy and peace that is meant to be ours.

Beth Moore uses the analogy of tearing down the wall paper of the insult you’ve allowed to be inscribed on the walls of your mind. You wouldn’t dare leave those walls bare, because the thought would come back seven times stronger. You  repaper your mind with fresh truth from God’s Word.  When the insult is taken captive and replaced with the Word of the Lord, that insult is severed from our mind.  The chains are broken and we are set free; to fully experience the joy and peace for which our Savior died.

Prayer In Motion:

Lord Jesus, if You call me blessed, then when I am insulted for Your kingdom’s sake, may I learn to take my thoughts captive, and consider myself blessed.


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