Devotion: Romans 12:3

From the richest to the poorest, this generation displays varying degrees of entitlement.  It’s the culture to which we’ve all grown accustomed.  I know it makes the heart of God sick.  He created us in His image and He wants us to display mercy and grace; to all those He places in our sphere of influence.  There are no big I’s and little you’s in Gods kingdom.  He alone, is entitled to rule and reign on the throne room of our heart.  If we love Him so much, we must reject the notion that we are entitled to anything and be willing to submit to His authority.

So how does one begin to retrain their mind and heart and rid themselves of the ball and chain; labeled entitlement?  We must continually seek to know God’s heart, on the purchase of any material thing, any promotion or position that would elevate us to a higher place.  We should not want any thing or any position, that the Lord has not ordained for us.  We are entitled to nothing in this world.  Entitlement fully belongs to the Lord our God.

Entitlement begins to creep in our souls, when we begin to lose the high view of God and replace it with a high view of man.  It happens to individuals, as well as the church.  We witness a prosperity gospel and forsake the notion that we deserve anything less than the best; not God’s best, but what man declares to be best.  When this happens, we no longer fear and revere the holiness of the Lord our God.

Prayer In Motion:

Oh God forgive us for thinking of ourselves more than You.  Forgive us for the sin of entitlement to anything that takes Your rightful place in our lives.  In Jesus Name we pray. Amen


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