Fight the Good Fight


Devotion:  1 Timothy 6:12

What are you willing to fight for?  I’ve seen pictures of pink gloves; representing those who fight against the dread disease of breast cancer.  I’ve met moms and dads who fight for the rights of their physically or emotionally challenged child.  I’ve been with folks who fight valiantly against human trafficking.

Satan does everything within his power to get the fight out of us.  He keeps us too busy, too stressed or too worried to care much about anyone else but ourselves.  They are out there, the lost souls, the prostitutes, the drug addicts, the homeless and the hungry.  I never realized just how many there are in our own area, until my friend Alisha organized our Bible study ladies to give out treat bags, on the streets of Charlotte.  We put in crackers, a bottled water, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a $5.00 gift card from Mcdonalds and a card to tell them Jesus loves them. We were blown away with how many appeared out of no where. Our 200 bags were gone in less than an hour

These men and women of all ages seemed so happy and grateful for this small act of kindness toward them.  Included in these numbers, were homeless people who lost everything due to the economy. There are also those who became so ill, it took their whole bank account to pay a portion of the bill left behind.  I know there are some who chose to use drugs or alcohol; resulting in the destruction of themselves and their family of origin, but others are truly victims.

Who do you fight for or what cause of Christ do you stand for? He told us to remember the widows, the downcast, those who are sick or in prison.  Let us sustain the weary one with a word and when led by God’s Holy Spirit, fight for one who cannot fight for themselves.

Prayer In Motion:

Jesus, may I be sensitive to those who truly need help from you.  May I never give up the honor and privilege to fight on behalf of one less fortunate than me.




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