God’s Will Part 2


Devotion:  Matthew 6:10

Previously, I shared the story of praying for the healing of my Mom.  Jesus healed her by taking her to heaven.  Today, I have a story regarding a young girl named Lori Leatherman.  There were thirty some people at my home, celebrating my friend Michele’s birthday.  Kelly, Michele’s daughter in law, received a text from Lori’s mom, asking for prayer. The doctors had just discovered a tumor in her leg. The birthday celebration came to a pause; as we gathered up in a circle, to pray for Lori.  In a few days, the praise report was sent out.  NO TUMOR!  Jehovah Jireh, the God who heals, miraculously removed that tumor.

Pray; believing God hears and will accomplish His will. I’ve witnessed  miraculous healing through prayer and supplication. I’ve heard fervent prayers prayed for the sick; prayed with the same fervency, as for the one who was healed. God chose to heal them to eternal life.

I shared this because we serve a good God, a God who knows what is best.  He wants us to pray believing Him for great and mighty things, beyond what we can ask or think or imagine.  He promises to accomplish what concerns us.

I have another story about a young man in China.  His friend had been witnessing to him for a few years.  He finally believed and prayed to receive Christ.  People cannot be openly baptized in that nation; so he was baptized in a bath tub.  He had a gaping, infected wound on his leg.  Although he did not ask for healing, when his baptizer brought him up out of the water, his leg was totally healed, new skin, covering the once open wound. I AM; the One True God, chose to reveal Himself to this young man. His will was accomplished.  It always is!

Prayer In Motion:

Lord may I pray effectual, fervent prayers that avail much, Your perfect will.  Help me Lord to always pray believing You will accomplish what concerns me, as well as those for whom I pray. In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen


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