Impossible to Possible


Devotion: Hebrews 11:6

Judy’s husband asked her to come fly with him, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  It would just be the two of them, as Ben flew the small one engine plane. The plan was to fly a couple of hours away, from their home in North Carolina, enjoy the afternoon and fly back before dark.

About an hour into the flight, Ben slumped over in his pilot’s seat, the life gone out of his body.  Judy who had never piloted a plane in her life; immediately grabbed the hand held radio and began to cry out, “May-day, May-day.” Another pilot in the area; received her distress signal, came along side of her and talked her safely through the process of landing the plane.

One who had just lost her husband; to a massive heart attack, was able to do, what she deemed impossible.  Her faith in the Lord her God, brought her to new level of trust that day.  His messenger, coached her to safely land this plane.

Falling from a great height, has to be one of the greatest fears known to man.  The ability to think clearly; while rapidly coursing toward the ground, takes control.  Then add the fact, the love of her life was gone right beside of her.  That exponentially increases possible failure.

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  For Ben; the reward meant to be safely taken to heaven.  For Judy; it meant length of years, for she was to become the wife of the pilot who coached her to safe landing.

God is the God of the impossible.  Trust Him with your most difficult situations.  Just at the right time, He can turn the impossible to the POSSIBLE.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord I believe You for ____________________.  I totally trust You to handle _________________.  I love you Lord.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.



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