Measurement Problem


Devotion: Proverbs 16:9

My husband’s life work evolves around measurement; precise measurement.  As a young field engineer; he learned an important life lesson, from his boss and mentor, Nay Hallman.

Nay watched, as Ben laid out the last caisson, for the five story office building. It was then drilled and poured with concrete; for the purpose of supporting a steel column; imperative to the buildings’ structure. At the end of the day, Nay asked Ben, “Do you think you finished the caissons today?”  Ben answered, “Yes sir.” Nay asked, “Why did you place it in the wrong location?” Ben replied, “I do not believe I did.” Nay asked my husband to refer back to the structural drawings.  Of course Ben discovered, he had made a grave mistake. His assessment was wrong. The building would have been structurally unsound; if built upon a misplaced caisson.  Although he had to redo the caisson, my husband’s life lesson: Always verify your measurements with the structural plans.  

Isaiah 40:12a  “Who has measured the waters in the hollow         of His hand, measured heaven with a span, and calculated           the dust of the earth in a measure?…”   

Ben’s life lesson  speaks volumes to us as Christians.  If we are not careful; we measure our spiritual maturity with our own yard stick. We make our own decisions; based upon past experiences and forget to refer to God’s master plan, measured out for us in His Word.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord,  may I seek to measure my plans, by the ones written down in Your Book. versus any past experiences or knowledge I think I may have gained.  In Jesus Name. Amen





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