Platform for Change


Devotion:  1 Timothy 6:6

My friend, Lisa Whittle, in her book (W)hole writes: “The holes in your life, discontent, lack of fulfillment,fear, pain, shame, pride, anger, doubt…all of these may be pointing to a great hole that is keeping you from wholeness, limiting your potential for God. It’s your choice to live with these limitations or bring them from behind the curtain and provide a platform for change.”

Is there anything from which you hide behind the curtain, that really has become a stronghold?  What hole is keeping you from becoming all that God created you to be?  You think, “If people really knew my whole story; I might lose their friendship or high regard.”  My dear friend, if you would come from behind the curtain and share your story, a brother or sister and quite possibly a non-believer, might come closer to Christ. The fact is; it can bring a platform for change in your own life. Your relationship with Him becomes deeper, sweeter, fuller, richer.

When we willingly expose our holes; the lives of others can be transformed.  We desperately want people to think highly of us; when in reality we should desperately want them to think highly of our Jesus.

There was a period in my life I was so depressed, I wanted my spirit to be outside my body, so it could rest.  I remember God saying, “Well, you know what has to happen for that to occur and it is not your time.”  As I walked through what I call a “crisis of belief”, God restored my soul, just as He promised in Psalm 23. As I chose to trust Him with the circumstances; He provided a platform for change of mind and heart.

Prayer in Motion

Lord, bring to my mind any holes in my life, so that I may come from behind the curtain and allow You to provide a platform for change.






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