Labor Without Fruit


Devotion: Psalm 128:2

Lisa Whittle says in her book “W(hole)” “Though it is difficult to labor without the guarantee of fruit, that cannot be our motive to serve God or we won’t last long.”

I know what Lisa is talking about.  Although a blessing to teach God’s Word to formally sex trafficked girls; there seems to be little “obvious” fruit. A friend and I have met with girls for the last year and a half.  We’ve seen two girls turn their lives around.  We are so happy about those two dear ones.

We hold onto the truth that, “God’s Word will not return unto Him void.”  When you get discouraged on mission with God; you must remember the truth of His promises.  It might be tomorrow or it might be ten years from now, that a person will remember a promise or truth from God’s Word.

One of the greatest tactics of our enemy, is to get us to give up on the ministry God has called us to.  We long to see visible fruit, lives being transformed and made whole.  We are responsible to give out the gospel message but the Holy Spirit is the One who must draw all men to Himself.

Serving God is fun when their is much fruit manifested in the lives of those you have poured into, but it’s not quite as rewarding, when you don’t see obvious transformation.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, may I not grow weary in well-doing.  May I serve You with gladness, whether I see fruit or not.  May I do all that I do as unto You Lord, for Your honor and glory.


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