Sufficiency is from God


Devotion:  2 Corinthians 3:5

Life is full of challenges.  Like a car without brakes; there are twists and turns, for which no one could be prepared.  Disasters, natural and otherwise, come upon us like a thief in the night. They take our breath away but our God is never surprised, nor is He unprepared to help us walk through them.

Our sufficiency must always come from God. We are always insufficient, in and of ourselves.  In order to become what God intends for us to be; we must focus intently on Him.  He is able to do far above what we could ever ask or think or imagine. He can amazingly  place big dreams within us and then by the power of His Holy Spirit, bring those dreams into reality.

God wants you to accomplish all that He has ordained for you. He wants to help you overcome your doubts and insufficiencies   Do you believe, “Things impossible with you are possible with God?”  How big is your God?  How much do you believe He is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do?

The Lord is faithful to all who call upon Him in Spirit and in Truth.

I once asked a man on the street, “If you could ask God for a miracle, what would it be?”  He replied, “I would ask God for a million dollars.”  Although I felt he was taunting God, we stopped and prayed that God would provide for him in a supernatural way.

HIs grace is sufficient for all of us on a daily, moment by moment basis.  He’s provides grace for us every day in amazing ways, some seen and some unseen.  He will also provide grace for every day yet to come.

Prayer in Motion:

Lord, You are an all sufficient God.  I acknowledge that my sufficiency comes from You alone.  If I will seek Your face; You will direct my steps and order my path, until You call me home. Thank You Lord.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen



One thought on “Sufficiency is from God

  1. Stephanie Livengood

    On Sunday Mornings, my small group is doing a study on what to do while you wait. We identified things we’re waiting on (finishing school, finding a job, landing that promotion, getting married, having kids, etc.) and then will be taking a look at Joseph, David, and Jesus. We’re studying their waits. When you said, “He can amazingly place big dreams within us and then by the power of His Holy Spirit, bring those dreams into reality,” I was reminded of our study. Sometimes we have to wait, and it seems like we’ll wait forever, but we wait because we trust God to be all He says He is. Thank you for this reminder, Libby!

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